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About Us

About Us

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Are you looking for an experienced Chiropractor that will help you recover as quickly as possible, whilst working with you to prevent any further issues?


Then you have come to the right place!  Our focus is not just about today's issues, but continuing to work proactively with you through our maintenance programs.


Marlborough Family Chiropractic was founded by Chris and Karen Jennison in 1996.  We continue to offer a variety of chiropractic treatment techniques in order to give you the best opportunity to regain, improve and develop your health and wellbeing. 


We are a patient-orientated team with an emphasis on giving you the best possible care and informing you on the best way to manage your particular injury or symptom for the greatest success of recovery.

No matter your age, or what your injury, condition or pain is, or whether you are an athlete in training, we are here to help you live symptom free!


Call us on 03 577 9800 to make your appointment today, or click on 'Book an Appointment' above!



Our Services


What symptoms can benefit from chiropractic care?  Countless, these may include:  headaches, posture issues, vertigo, inflammation and pain relief for areas such as neck, back, arm, leg and hip.  

What is chiropractic?  Chiropractic is simple. It is based on maintaining the integrity of your nervous system so that, given a chance, your body will heal itself.  It really is a simple mechanical principal in that, if your joints aren’t functioning properly, we can help. Chiropractic adjustments help add motion to the joints that aren’t moving right. The force of the adjustment is varied to suit the individual, and can be extremely gentle.


Why is it important? Interference to the nervous system can be caused by the loss of proper function or movement of the spinal bones, or vertebrae. This problem is often referred to as a subluxation, which can chafe, stretch, or irritate the delicate nerves which branch off the spinal cord and exit between adjacent vertebrae. This irritation of the nerves causes symptoms, whether it be pain, numbness, or problems with internal organs for example.  Without treatment from a chiropractor to fix the interference, you will be living in unnecessary symptoms or pain.


What does a chiropractor actually do?  In a treatment, the chiropractor will gently and safely restore normal function to the spinal joints through manual adjustments (using hands or an instrument), thereby relieving nerve irritation, and allowing the body to restore health.  Sometimes there is a popping sound (nothing to worry about), which is just a release of a gas bubble between joints.


What causes this loss of function in the joints? It could be almost anything, including: accidents, repetitive injuries, emotions such as fear or frustration, chemicals like drugs, pollution or poor diet.


Is chiropractic treatment appropriate for children?  Absolutely!  Chiropractic care is adapted to the individual patient and in the case of children, it's very gentle.  No matter your age, if you are experiencing symptoms such as back and neck pain, soreness or stiffness, then you will benefit from our chiropractic care.


Do I need to experience pain to require treatment?  Definitely not!  You could have any of these problems and not know it. Pain is usually the first thing you notice, but it’s actually the last thing to appear and the first thing to go away as you heal. Only a thorough exam can determine if there is a subluxation in your spine.


Overall health is the goal of chiropractic care. Nutrition and exercise play a vital role in improvement and maintenance of your health and wellbeing. Chiropractors receive extensive training in nutrition, and often incorporate nutrition and stretching or gentle exercise in their recommendations to patients. Postural changes and orthotics may also be recommended to lessen mechanical stress.


Each person is unique, so each person’s treatment is adapted to suit their age, condition, and health goals.

Foot Levelers


We can improve your overall health by supporting your foundation - your feet are the foundation of your body. They support you when you stand, walk, or run. Feet also help protect your spine, bones, and soft tissues from stress as you move.

We use a Foot Levelers diagnostic scanner to analyse and diagnose any potential issues with your feet.  We then send these results away to get your very own pair of orthotics made just for you.


By stabilizing and balancing your feet, Foot Levelers Orthotics enhance your body’s performance and efficiency, reduce pain, and contribute to your total body wellness. Foot Levelers Orthotics complement your chiropractic treatment when you stand, walk and exercise, and help you live your life in balance.

For more information you can check out Foot Levelers website.

Foot Levelers

Our Fees

Adult Prices


Treatment (Non ACC)         

Treatment (ACC)             

CSC Treatment (Non ACC) 

CSC Treatment (ACC)     






Children Prices

Examination  & 1st Treatment         

Treatment Under 18yrs (Non ACC)  

Treatment Under 5yrs (Non ACC)

Treatment (ACC)      






Our Team


We believe in ensuring you are experiencing overall health and wellness and are proud to be stockists and users of USANA supplements.   USANA manufactures the highest-rated, most effective nutritional supplements and health care products in the world and are even award winning.


Why USANA  and not other brands?  The vast majority of supplements are classed as 'food grade', where the standards are not as high as 'pharmaceutical grade'.  For example, a bottle of Vitamin C 500mg tablets are only an average of 500mg per tablet.  This means each tablet will be different.  Not only that but if an ingredient is below a certain %, then it doesn't need to be stated on the label, therefore, you can't trust the label is telling you the entire truth.  USANA is 'pharmaceutical grade', which means they have higher standards to abide by.  For example, every ingredient must be stipulated on the bottle and every pill must be identical.  With USANA, you can 100% trust what you are getting. 


Some of the products that we stock include:

  • USANA Essentials

  • Procosamine

  • Poly C

  • BiOmega

We also stock Metagenics fish oil as we feel it is not only a good product, but at a fantastic price.  Along with a selection of Zen products, which includes sports spray, joint & muscle pain relief, plus more.

Our Team


Chris Jennison


Chris grew up in England, and emigrated to Canada in his early 20s. He worked in a number of different fields before embarking on six years of university training to attain his chiropractic degree.  He uses a number of different techniques including “traditional” hands on adjusting, activator instrument and network spinal analysis.  Chris is a lover of health and nutrition in general and tries to live a healthy and balanced life through great nutrition and plenty of exercise. 


Karen Jennison


Karen grew up in Alaska, and early on completed a degree in civil engineering. After working as a civil engineer for a number of years she opted for a career change and completed five more years of university training to become a chiropractor.  She practices a number of different techniques ranging from “traditional” hands on adjusting to extremely gentle cranial sacral therapy and network spinal analysis.  Karen is definitely a believer in living an active life and holds a black belt in Kempo Karate.


Chiropractic Assistant

As a proud mother of two grown up children and two wonderful grandchildren, Margaret has always had a passion for health and wellbeing, meeting new people and always striving to better herself and helping others.  Over the last 30 years Margaret has seen first-hand the benefits of chiropractic care and the overall difference it makes.  Margaret loves to keep fit by walking and regular gym sessions and even enjoys the odd aqua jogging class.  You will also find her in her garden, watching a good movie or catching up with friends and family.

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